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Refund Policy

In case, you being the customer are not satisfied by the services, we can refund the payment and this will depend totally on the decision of the company and also because of the individual case. If you are not satisfied with the services, there will be a 30 day refund policy and this will be based on the terms and conditions as follows:

For small/annual business plans

  • If it is claimed in a subscription period of 30 days, there will be refund of the full value of the plan price
  • The refund policy will not be valid per incidence plans
  • There will be no refund of any money after 30 calendar days as far as the subscription plan is concerned

  • Acceptance of refunds in following circumstances

  • When the issues were not resolved despite the prerequisites
  • When the problem is totally out of scope for one particular plan
  • If the issue is not resolved or there is closed ticket in past as far as unlimited plans are concerned.

User responsibility for obtaining the services

We need your cooperation as far as the patience with the technicians is concerned. Our efforts will be the best when it comes to the online tech support services. It is an accepted fact, as per our past experience, that the issues can be resolved if there is a close coordination between you and the technician.

Software/ data back up

MyPC247Support will not be responsible for any data loss or any software that is corrupted. The company tells the customers to keep the data backup alongwith disaster recovery plan of our company. If the user wants to submit the plan order, he can go through the registration process by providing the accurate details and complete information. You being the customer can select user name and password as per choice. You will be individually responsible as far as the retention of these credentials is concerned. Further, you will be totally responsible for partial or full activities that take place in your account.

Data backup

You will be independently responsible for preserving the back up of information like written text, content material, software application, data etc that is kept in our storage system before use of our service.