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Support For Magicjack

Magicjack has R-11 phone jack and in it the standard phone can be plugged into it. By this, the user can make the unlimited phone calls to Canada and USA. The computer peripheral combines with the telephony service and provides internet based VoIP service to USA and Canada.

Our tech support provides the outside support in case of any problem in the operation or any sort of technical fault that creates a hindrance. These certified professionals are available online and the customer can approach them through phone, chat or email for any sort of rectification related to Magicjack. The toll free number is mentioned on the website.

Some of many services offered by our tech support company are:

  • Guidance regarding Magicjack and its applications
  • Various services related to the health check of Magicjack products
  • Solving the various problems of Magicjack products by upgradation
  • Upgradation of Magicjack products with the latest applications
  • Providing the online back up for the restoration of the emergency data
  • Secret data and program services related to Magicjack
  • Compatibility check for Magicjack
  • Removing the software that is irrelevant and solving any particular problem regarding the installation of Magicjack
  • Problems related to the configuration of the Magicjack products
  • Problem related to the troubleshooting and slow speed of Magicjack products

Feel free to call us our tech support number for Magicjack repair and this is available 24/7.